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Sale of products for hairdressers and hair accessories

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wholesale supplies for hairdressers
RB COSMETICI wholesaler of products and equipment for hairdressers, born from the passion of professionals, like you, have dedicated their lives to the world of hairdressing and who have won an important challenge in the trade for hairdressers: COMPETITIVENESS and SPEED. Always careful to give the CLIENT the best service possible, in terms of speed in processing orders and especially in the DELIVERY WITHIN 24 HOURS.
RB COSMETICI e-commerce of professional products, is made of hairdressers, who know the trade, and who know how important the QUALITY of the products in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers. You will find EXPERTS ready to share with you their EXPERIENCE but always attentive to your REQUESTS and ADVICE.

Every week we offer you the best brands at super discounted prices. All discounts will be recognized directly on the invoice. Proceed with your normal order even if the prices on the site do not match the offer. Just remember to respect the quantities that will allow you to get the discount!

  wholesale supplies for hairdressers | E-Commerce
Via Giuseppe Boffito 24C,
 00135 Rome, Italy