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TREND - Review hairstyles fashion hair hairdressers
N. 15 2008

TREND is a magazine specializing in Hair Fashion and aesthetic fashion images with high quality. Numerous photographs of the best hairstylists fashion to hairstyles and cuts on many new trend of the best hairdressers.

Topics discussed:
Architect Councils hospitality
Please Hair color
Advances Spring Fashion & Hairlook
The reminder of Vanity
Allure seductive
I love New York
You are 'versatile and loves the provocations. Osa reflections and changing colors, lengths and hair curled-leaved endives or moves by soft waves. Port crammed with glamour chignon, foliage collected and sophisticated.
Interpreting the style of the great apple and 'your dream? Aim on street style and let the chance overwhelm urban and new solutions.
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